JEWELRY: mix of colours and materials

joyeriaJewellery Trends 2011-2012 in summer: mix of colors and materials A rainbow of colors in queen’s jewels for the summer season. The materials provide a burst of color to accompany the clothing trends. But the world of accessories and is not exclusive of stones and precious metals: the most common materials like leather, stones, braided cords, feathers, enamel and plastic to have planted their flag and the next summer season we’ll see 2011-2012 mingle with each other. Get ready for fun and casual wear jewelery, where the most important is to highlight the color.






hauteFashion Week in New York serves as a snack for trends of the next Spring-Summer 2012. Later will come the first course (Cybele), the second (Milan) and dessert (Paris). But the runways in New York remind us that fashion is something tangible to be put, sell, and also look at all times should reflect our trademark. If you want to know what will be in six months, notes three trends that allow us to go suspecting what awaits us in stores later this year.

Tribal Pattern One of the clearest trends and outstanding views in New York are the ethnic and tribal prints. For spring-summer 2012 we put on parade as exotic as Donna Karan.: A black and white checkerboard As opposed to the pastels, black and white duo represents classic elegance and together or separately, are the kings of the catwalk. Seen in Jason Wu, for example Pastel colors The colors are softened block against the color of the spring-summer runways and lemon yellow tinged with green Parliament, lilac, baby pink, and so on. If even the Gothic Rodarte have been with this is that the pastels send



MUSIC – Lila Downs at a news conference in Mexico

lila_downsRecently, Lila Downs was certified platinum for her album ‘Sins and Miracles’. Here you can see what happened at the press conference. If you have not already, download it on iTunes.





TASTING – The origin of Tequila
tequilaTequila is from Jalisco, according to serious researchers. No municipality can claim to be the “origin of tequila.” Mezcal-Wine is now known as tequila was already produced in the Province of Avalos (today Ciudad Guzman) since 1616, as stated in a document of the Archives of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara. In this region also traded the mescal-agave-between Indian and Spanish, as stated in the document.

The tequila or mescal or mezcal was simply an invention of the colonial and indigenous, from the moment it is a spirit. In pre-Hispanic America, distillation was unknown physical process. The Spanish encomenderos the first third of the sixteenth century Indian labor used for all tasks but this condition is not sufficient to attribute to the ancient Mexicans the agave spirit of the invention. In ancient Mexico, the agave was just a sweet food. The only pre-Hispanic drink pulque agave was that at some time after the Conquest served as the basis of some Spanish entrepreneurs to prepare a distillate called “rabbit blood,” which was banned soon-like all-agave distillates by colonial authorities, but that prohibition was not the expected success, judging by the success we have had since. READ MORE…

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