Exceptional jewellery, each piece is unrepeatable | Multicultural heritage | Sustainable consciousness | Fair Trade | Originate by the integration of minimalist European design and the passionate Mexican artistic sensibility.


We aim to promote the cultural diversity and the sustainable consciousness while doing business. We do that by: 1. Promoting the beauty of authentic Mexican artisanal works and modern, cutting edge European design. 2. Acting at every time with a Social, Environmental and Economic Consciousness. 3. Producing one-of-a-kind jewels of outstanding design, good quality and fair price.


1. EXCEPTIONAL JEWELLERY | Unique jewels with lasting value. Our jewels belong to the category “Creative economy” recognized by the United Nations. Due to the nature of the materials and the creation process, each jewel is one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable, of a great artistic value.

2. MULTICULTURAL HERITAGE | Symbolism. On each jewel, as the result of the cultural fusion between Mexican artisanal tradition and European minimalist Design. This multicultural heritage transmits to our jewels a special symbolism and centuries of tradition.

3. SUSTAINABLE CONSCIOUSNESS | Social. Our work contributes to the promotion (furtherance) of cultural diversity represented by ethnic Mexican cultures and the aesthetic European style. The production by Mexican artisans stimulate the local micro-economies. We work with our suppliers according the concept of Fair Trade. Luna de Plata does not tolerate child abuse of any kind.

SUSTAINABLE CONSCIOUSNESS | Environmental. Our raw materials in jewellery and gift packaging are 100% recyclable. We work as a “Paperless office”, more than 80% of our office activities are exclusively digital.

4. FAIR TRADE | Our materials have a high aesthetic value and by nature a relatively low cost. Thanks to these attributes, it’s possible to wear jewels for a fair price. We work and trade based on fair prices for both: our suppliers and customers. We know this principle is the core of a healthy business. We do not see any reason to inflate prices artificially.


Each design is a creation of the Mexican Designer Alba Espinosa. Alba enjoys more than 10 years work experience in Design and Creative Direction of European multinationals. That way, she develops her capacity to fuse divers cultural concepts. Alba finds her inspiration in the traditional Mexican artisan works, and applies the minimalist European style to refine and give balance to each jewels. As a result: unique designs.


These designs are then brought to life by expert hands of Mexican Artisans and Silver Masters. They collaborate to the creative process from the concept development to the final result. They also develop special creation processes, especially for our jewels. So LDP can continue to innovate.

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